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Wayland Chiles: Wayland Chiles

The Naga Viper was recorded as the "World's Hottest Chile" by the Guinness World Records in 2011 with a rating of 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The record was broken by the Carolina Reaper on August 11, 2017 when the Guinness World Records certified it as the world's hottest chile with a SHU of 1,641,183.

  • Fruit Length: 2.5" x Fruit Width: 1.5"
  • Pod Orientation: Pendant
  • Pod Thickness: Medium Thick
  • Fruit Color: Matures from green to orange to red. 
  • Days to Harvest: 120

Wayland Chiles is a small family seed farm located in Florida. All of the seeds sold are grown in the USA. Be sure that you are buying seeds sold by Wayland Chiles to get Wayland Chiles' guarantee, customer service, and authentic Wayland Chiles branded product.

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