Cubalibre F1 Organic Tomato Seeds

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Wayland Chiles: Wayland Chiles

Gorgeous, pink fruits with a clean, round appearance on vigorous, tidy plants. This "hyloom" has all the beauty of an heirloom with the vigor of a selected hybrid. Producing abundantly in the greenhouse, plants are compact and covered in fruits bursting with flavor. Coloration is similar to Cherokee Purple, with slightly less pronounced green shoulders. An attractive fruit for commercial production.

  • Indeterminate
  • 7 oz fruit
  • 73 Days
  • Packet 10 Seeds

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Fusarium Wilt (0, 1), Leaf Mold, Tomato Apex Necrosis Virus, Tomato Mosaic Virus (0-2)
Intermediate Resistance: Powdery Mildew

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