Covina F1 Organic Broccoli Seeds

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Wayland Chiles: Wayland Chiles

Vigorous plants withstand a wide range of environmental stresses to reliably produce uniform, tight domes. We were blown away by Covina F1’s performance in our field trials two years in a row when we had an unusually cold, wet year followed by an extremely hot, dry year. Both wildly different but equally stressful field conditions didn’t bother this workhorse broccoli - upright, large-framed plants produced big, tightly beaded heads for reliable harvests. Good for both spring and fall production

  • Extremely stress tolerant
  • 6-8” heads
  • 75 Days
  • Packet 25 Seeds

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Fusarium Yellows
Intermediate Resistance: White Rust

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